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神戸スタジオ ~ 5/12 Kick Off Party ~

Hello everyone! We started our spring festival!! This is an event that keeps going for 6 weeks, and everyone can enjoy dancing together! We had our Kick Off Party on 5/12 and started our festival. Please look forward to seeing our parties. Here, we have pics of our kick off party!!!

~3rd Anniversary Party~

Hello from Kobe studio. Era name has changed from Heisei to Reiwa. Have you enjoyed the golden week in May? We had Kobe studio’s 3rd anniversary party on the 7th of April! Kobe studio is 3 years old. Thank you very much for your participation and celebrate the anniversary. Please have a look at pictures… Read more »

~ 3/24 神戸スタジオ Pre-Showcase Party ~

Hello Everyone from Kobe studio! We are glad to announce that we are going to have a SHOWCASE on 14th April! There are students who are preparing for this dance day event!! We had a Pre showcase party on 24th March. The party was so much fun dancing together. Please have a look at pics… Read more »

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone! Let’s have fun dancing together this year as well, or even more!! We would like to announce that we have new year campaign at our studio. Promotion Lessons which are (45mins/ lesson)× 2 Lessons usually costs 9980 yen, but this month it costs only 4990yen! Please contact us if you are… Read more »

Kobe studio Fall Festival ~ 12/8 Island Party ~

Hello Everyone from Kobe studio! It is becoming even colder outside this month. How are you all doing? We had Island party in week 5! Theme was Hawaiian, it was very cold outside but we enjoyed the warmness in the studio! Thank you for your participation. There are many events at Arthur Murray Dance school!… Read more »

2018 Kobe studio Fall Festival ~12/16 Victory Party~

Hello From Kobe studio! We had victory party to finish up our 2018 fall festival. Our party’s theme was ‘Masquerade’. Participants brought their unique masks, some were handmade, some were from Venice! We of course enjoyed dance time as well. Thank you for many participations to enjoy dance together. Arthur Murray Dance studio has many… Read more »

Fall Festival ~ Kobe studio 11/25 Sugar Skull Party ~

Hello everyone from Kobe studio! 2018 is almost over, how are you all doing? Fall festival is an event that continues for 6 weeks! This is very special event that is hold in Arthur Murray studio in all over the world, and this is a chance for everyone to enjoy pair dance. Kobe studio is… Read more »

Kobe studio ~ Coaching Day ( 10/7&10/10 ) ~

Hello from Kobe studio! At Arthur Murray dance studio, we have coaching lessons through out the year which we welcome coaching teacher who travels Arthur Murray studios in the world. This time, we welcomed Michelle Barry as coaching instructor. As well as coaching lesson, we also had Tango workshop. Many students from Kobe and Osaka… Read more »

Osaka & Kobe studio ~ 10/20 Halloween Party ~

Happy Halloween♬ Hello everyone! Many Halloween events are hold in the city this month. Arthur Murray Osaka and Kobe studio also had Halloween Guest Party! Students from Osaka & Kobe studio, their family members and friends participated the party. We all dressed up as favorite costumes, enjoyed exciting time together through pair dancing. Thank you… Read more »

~ 9/2 Guest Party @ Kobe Studio ~

Hello from Kobe studio! We had a KOBE guest party on the 2nd of September. Our theme for the guest party was Yellow and White!! We all tried to wear something yellow and white at the party. we had brilliant dance time, performance time, Game and staff show!! We have some pictures here, please look at… Read more »