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7/7 Ms.Barbara’s Coaching Lesson & Workshop @ Kobe studio

Hello from Kobe studio! It has been really really hot summer. How are you doing? We welcomed  Ms. Barbara Ferchuk to Kobe studio on the 7th July. Students at Arthur Murray have opportunities to be inspired by traveling teachers from abroad. We have coaching sessions and also workshops when we have those visiting coaches. Ms…. Read more »

Kobe Studio Spring Festival ~ 6/17 Victory Party ~

Hello from Kobe studio! We have reached to Victory Party of 2018 Spring Festival!! Thank you very much for your participations! Our theme of the party was All black costume. We have schduled Group hear, solo section, formation performance, fun games, Haka…(influenced from our costume them ‘all Blacks’). We spend great time with full of… Read more »

Kobe Studio Spring Festival ~ 6/10 Picnic Party ~

Hello from Kobe studio! Spring Festival is an international festival that is held in the Arthur Murray studio in all over the world. We had picnic party on the 10th of June. Everybody brought a meal and we enjoyed the time to eat, game and of course dance together. Thank you very much for your… Read more »

Kobe Spring Festival ~ 6/3 Character Party ~

Hello from Kobe Studio! Kobe studio is in the middle of spring festival 2018!! Spring Festival is an international festival that is held in all Arthur Murray studio in the world. We are excited to announce that we had a brilliant Character party last week on 3rd June in Kobe Studio. All students transformed their… Read more »

2018 Kobe Spring Festival ~ Kick Off Party ~

Hello Everyone! Our Spring festival has begun! We are holding two spring festivals annually.  This is an event at Arthur Murray studio that is held for 6 weeks and we enjoy time together through dance. Kobe studio’s Kick Off party was on 6th of May. Thank you for your participation! Let’s spend enjoyable dance time… Read more »

2/17 & 2/18 Coaching Lesson & Workshop

Hello Everyone!This winter has been very cold… We welcomed Mr. Mark Perkovich from Australia this week. He has numerous national and international titles in American Smooth, International Ballroom and International Latin American. We had a great time in Kobe studio on the 17th & 18th February. Our time was fantastic doing coaching lessons and Mambo workshop…. Read more »

~ 3/18 神戸スタジオ Pre-Showcase Party ~

Hello everyone from Kobe studio! It is getting warmer those days, How are you spending your day? We are going to have an annual event, showcase on 22nd April. It is very exciting! We had a guest party ‘Pre-Showcase party’ on the 18th March. We spent time dancing all together including our students, family! Thank you… Read more »

2017 Spring Festival ~ 6/3 Potluck Party ~

Hello Everyone! Rainy season has started in Japan, and the weather is getting warmer and warmer that we are becoming really close to the summer. Are there people who are feeling already tired of this hot weather? Our energy comes from eating nice meal and refreshing by moving our body does not it? On the 3rd… Read more »

Kobe Studio ~Magical Party 11th Jun~

Hello everyone! Spring Festival is still going on and we are all excited to be part of the festival! It has been really exciting weeks. In the Kobe studio, We had ‘Magical Party’ on the 11th of June. Our dress code was to wear either glasses and tricorn! We all became magician….!! Formation was performed… Read more »

Spring Festival ~ 5/14 Japanese Song Party ~

Hello Everyone! Popular songs change with the times and the times change with popular songs…. We had ‘Japanese Song Party’ on the 14th May at Kobe studio. This was a party which is part of our Spring festival. We enjoyed dancing with songs that are bit nostalgic, popular but also children’s song and Enka (Japanese… Read more »